About Us

The Calgary Skip Squad is a not-for-profit jump rope club in Calgary Alberta.

All of our competitive skippers, coaches, and volunteers have many years of experience in the sport.  Our rope skipping team is comprised of competitive skippers ages six and older from all over Calgary and surrounding areas.

Calgary Skip Squad competitive team meets twice a week for practices to have fun while learning skills, promoting teamwork, physical fitness, and much more!

We also offer non-competitive skipping lessons for children ages six and older.  Our recreational skippers practice once per week.  This program helps to develop flexibility, balance, coordination, tones muscle, speed and endurance, which provide the foundation for all physical activities, sports and school.

Why Join Our Skipping Club?

Skipping is Fun

A simple piece of rope can be so much fun. Just turn the rope and skip it. This childhood pastime is in fact an invaluable whole-body cardio exercise.  But you’ll see that as soon as you discover the rope again, you’ll probably stop looking for lame excuses, because it really is fun. 🙂

Life Lessons

Being apart of a team teaches kids many valuable lessons in life.  Your teammates support you through your sport, in the classroom, and in your personal life. Research is finding that team sports boost mental health, gratitude strengthens relationships, and positivity trumps negativity.

Affordable & Available

With over half of North America’s adolescents being physically unfit, finding a fun yet affordable sport has never been more important. Besides a decent pair of running shoes, a jump rope will cost you less than a Starbucks. You can take that jump rope almost anywhere you want.

Jump Rope Team CalgaryCalgary Skip Squad is a proud member of Sport Calgary. We believe in respect in sport, promoting amateur sport, and helping our athletes grow and improve.

Amazing Coach

Hard Working Athletes

Community Demos

Carla, Head Coach

Carla has been involved with rope skipping for 25+ years. She started skipping in grade 3 in the Yukon. Not only has Carla been an avid jumper, she has assisted with the creation of three Canadian jump rope teams: Whitehorse YK, Bedford NS, and Moncton NB.

She has trained, competed, and participated in demos and workshops all over the world. She spent most of 1999 training, competing, and performing in demos in Europe.

When Carla was not training, she used her skills of jump rope to train and condition high level athletes at several university football teams in Canada. On top of all the skipping, she has managed to complete her Masters of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan and a Degree in Education at the University of Calgary and is a current teacher at the Calgary Board of Education.

In 2017, Carla helped to coach an Alberta jump rope team as well as competed herself at the Alberta Rope Skipping Championships.

The Calgary Skip Squad Club is beyond excited to have such an talented, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking coach! Her belief of ensuring the athletes have fun while developing confidence and reaching their goals is her first priority. We are looking forward to an amazing year.

2019/20 Board of Directors

Calgary Skip Squad Club is governed by a board of directors. The Board of Directors can be contacted at info@calgaryskipsquad.com

Chair Guy Mastre
Vice Chair vacant
Secretary Ché Borden
Treasurer Stacey Mastre
Director Tytus Kociszewski