Benefits of Jump Rope

Benefits of Jump Rope

Jump rope is great for all fitness and ability levels. It fits in with all training goals – whether it be fat loss, endurance, strength, or performance.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the jump rope benefits:

Skipping gives a full-body workout. It is especially great for toning and developing the thighs, shins, and calf muscles.

Burns calories! Simultaneously, it also works on the abs and arms.  Research has shown that jumping rope can help you burn roughly 1,300 calories per hour and our case studies have proven it.

Improves bone density.  The latest studies show simply jumping is one of the very best exercises for improving bone density.

Coordination.  Jumping rope actually improves your coordination by making you focus on your feet.

Increased muscle tone. Skipping helps in muscle toning as it is a body weight exercise.  Which leads to faster results.

Great cardio. Jumping rope can raise your heart rate two to three times faster than other exercises and offer the same aerobic building benefits as running with less impact on the joints.

Amazing for the brain.  Skipping makes you smarter and helps with the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which further enhances spatial awareness, improves reading skills, increases memory and makes you more mentally alert.

It’s fun! Jumping rope is a fun way to achieve your health goals. It’s fun to work on new skills, like double unders and cross-overs. It’s fun to be able to take it on the road and do your workouts anywhere. It’s fun to share with a partner.

Cheap. It’s one of the most inexpensive forms of exercise as you can buy a skipping rope for less than $5.00.

It’s for anyone! Skipping can be done by anybody and everybody, from beginners to the advanced levels.

Helps to keep you calm. Your improved ability to jump rope and be synchronous with your body, mind and the rope, can actually help you be more calm in other situations.

Teamwork.  With the team games like long rope games, double dutch games, and also partner skipping, you will have to work together to succeed.

Like millions of adults, you probably haven’t picked up a jump rope since grade school. Any sports activity makes for a good mood, but jump rope especially fits the description of fun.   Grab a jump rope, get hopping and be amazed by the different ways your body and mind will benefit.