What is Recreational Jump Rope?

What is Recreational Jump Rope?

Rope skipping is an activity fun for kids and adults, athletes, and non-athletes alike. Not only is skipping fun, it’s also an excellent calorie burner, increases bone density, builds agility, and improves your brain function!

Jump rope can help children develop a foundation for all physical fitness activities by improving such things as balance, co-ordination, flexibility all in a fun, non-competitive environment. The movement of skipping is incredibly beneficial for growing minds that schools are incorporating it into their schedules.

It’s a great training method for many other sports, from football to swimming, too. As you know, many boxers and hockey players use rope skipping as a conditioning tool.

The classes will consist of warms ups, skipping games, partner and team skipping, and individual tricks are used to teach jump rope skills, coordination, power, rhythm, fitness development, and teamwork. We incorporate double dutch jump rope and speed as well. The rec skipping class focuses on basic and intermediate jump rope skills in the beginning. Then it builds up to more complex jumping skills like partner jumping and double dutch.

This non-competitive jump rope program is for children 6 years old and up. So if fun is what your child is looking for, this is the program for them!

The Calgary Skip Squad follows the CANSkip model.  CANSkip is Canada’s national rope skipping skill development program. The program consists of 12 levels of single rope and long rope/double dutch.

Come join us and see why jump rope is one of the most exciting and unique sports for kids! And when your child has mastered some of the jump rope skills taught, there is a competitive program that takes it all to a new exciting level. Forget the playground activity of skipping, the competitive program will amaze and blow your mind!